Warrington Wolves 2016 Season Review

Warrington Wolves 2016 Season Review

2016 was a year of nearly’s for the Wolves in what was ultimately a successful season full of disappointments.

Regular Season

The first part of the season was a good one for Warrington. After a disappointing 2015 were the Wolves could be good, bad or indifferent not only form one game to the next but also during matches themselves, the 2016 Warrington Wolves was much more consistent.

That consistency led the Wolves to a second-place finish in the first part of the season and also saw the Wolves reach the Challenge Cup final at Wembley.

Unfortunately for the Wolves they came up just short, quite latterly millimetres, in the Challenge Cup finals and that was sadly going to be the theme of their season.

Super 8’s

The Super 8’s saw the Wolves win 5 of their 7 matches and couple with a drop of in form for Hull FC after their win at Wembley that allowed the Wolves to pick up some silverware with a League Leaders Shield. That gave them the momentum heading into the play offs but they faced St Helens, the team that showed the best form in the Super 8’s.

In what was a battle at the Halliwell Jones it was Warrington that won the match and therefore they headed to the Super League Grand Final. In what was another battle, this time against Wigan, it was Warrington that came up just short to lose by just 6 points.

Biggest Disappointment

Losing in the both Super League Grand Final and the Challenge Cup Final is about as disappointing as it can get for a team.

Reasons to be Positive

On the flip side of that it is a huge achievement to make those finals and they also picked up the League Leaders Shield.


You have to say that it was a successful season for Wolves and one were luck as much as any stopped them picking up more silverware.

Next Season

In 2017 the Wolves need to find a way to win a final but of course they must also find a way to get back there which will be hugely difficult as most teams look likely to prove over the winter. The recruitment needs to be right for Warrington and so far, it looks as though they are going for quality over quality and it is hard to argue with that strategy.

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