NRL 9s

No matter if you know it as the NRL 9s, the NRL Nines or simply as the 9s, the NRL Nines is the leading Rugby League 9s tournament in the world and in the few short years the tournament has taken place, it has quickly become the biggest pre-season tournament in world Rugby.

The tournament features all of the NRL teams and includes many of the world’s top stars with all of the teams playing numerous matches across the 2 days of tournament.

The 16 teams are split into 4 groups of 4 teams where they play against the other teams in their group. The top 2 teams from each league then feature in a knockout tournament to determine who is the winner of that year’s tournament.

There are also 3 women’s international matches that take place over the 2 days in what has quickly become a festival of Rugby League.

NRL 9s

For those unfamiliar with the 9s and Rugby League Nines in general, it is a cut down version of the sport in a similar style to 20/20 cricket, as in it is all about pace and excitement and held over a short game length.

The biggest differences to the 13 man 80 minutes’ game are:

  • Matches are split into 2 nine minute halves
  • Each side name 9 players, with 5 unlimited interchange players
  • Scrums are only when there is a double knock on
  • No video ref and just 1 on field ref
  • Tap restart after a 40/20
  • 5 points for a try scored under the posts
  • 2 points for a drop goal
  • Drop kick to restart after a try scored
  • 5 tackles in a set