League 1

League 1
Rugby League’s League 1 is a fascinating league with semi pro teams from all over the UK playing games that are full of try and excitement and can often be unpredictable. The league is a mixture of teams who have made the step up from amateur Rugby League into the pro-ranks and those long-established teams who have struggled recently and find themselves in the 3rd tear.

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League 1 Rugby League

The league is also full of older players, who have careers at the very top of the sport but who are now coming to the end of their playing career, coming up against youngsters who are just starting out on their Rugby League careers.

With the same happening at the coaching level, with young coaches getting their first chances in the top job coming up against head coaches with years of experience, the League 1 is microcosm of the sport of Rugby League.

That mixture makes for fascinating match ups with teams from all across the UK taking on some of the historic clubs from sports heartlands.

Unfortunately from our point of view here at RLBet.co.uk, League 1 fails to get the attention it deserves from the media and fans alike and that also equates into the betting opportunities afforded by even the best online bookmakers.