World Club Challenge

World Club Challenge
Rugby League is proud to be innovative is most things it does, the move to summer, end of season play offs and the Word Club Challenge are just 3 examples where Rugby League has led the way.

The World Club Challenge offers fans the chance to see the Champions of Super League match up against the NRL champions in a 1 off, winners takes every game where big hits, top quality tries and bragging rights are just as important as the end score.

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For the rugby league punter though the outcome is everything and with both teams been at different level of preparation, the Super League season has started whilst the NRL has yet to restart, it can be difficult to tell just how up for it the Australian champions will be- but that is part of the fun.

World Club Series

In recent times the World Club Challenge has been expanded to include upto) the winners of the Challenge Cup and the league Leaders Shield from this side of world and the to 3 sides from the Southern Hemisphere.

This is known as the World Club Series, where the best of Super League takes on the best of NRL. Although the match outside of the World Club Challenge itself have nothing but pride on the line, whenever England takes on Australia at sport it is anything but a friendly no matter how much, or how little, is up for grabs.

Every match from the World Club Series, including the World Club Challenge take place over the same weekend towards the beginning of the Super League season and normally a week or 2 before the start of the NRL to allow for the teams to prepare for the matches.