The Championship is the semi-pro level of Rugby League and is one step on the ladder lower than the European Super League. The Championship feature mostly teams from England but has and does feature teams from France and Wales.

Since rebranding from the National Leagues has seen the level of competition increase immensely and it has been helped by the end of season merger with the Super league as the Qualifiers, were the top 4 teams from the Championship get a chance to play off against Super League teams in the hope of gaining promotion to the top flight.

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Championship Rugby League

The Championship is a unique competition in the British Rugby League pyramid as it is a mixture of full time teams looking for to push for a place in the Super League, semi-pro teams looking at making the Top 4 and gain the funds needed to progress as a club and then there are those teams simply looking at survival.

That make up also gives us a mixture of experience Super League standard players and former internationals coming up against young players just starting out in the game and players who have played their entire Rugby careers in the lower leagues whilst also forging careers for themselves away from the game.

That unique make up makes for many exciting matches and unpredictable results but for every shock result you can get a complete blow out.

For us fans and those that likes to bet on the action, having knowledge of the Championship can make for a profitable betting experience. Of course, those shock results will always eat into your funds but knowing if a team have any injuries, suspensions or are simply resting players can really make all of the difference at this level.

Knowing which players are in form and which are out of form can also prove the difference at this level and in the main the bookies don’t have the same level of focus as they do on the, for example, Super League. Whilst that can lead to only a limited amount of markets available for betting on, it can lead to odds that are simply too good to miss.

Championship Teams

London Broncos