Rugby League Teams

Rugby League Teams
Every Rugby League supporter has a club team that they follow and it is more often than not there favourite team who you want to place a bet on.

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Rugby League Clubs

European Club Teams

Dominated by the Super League and the British game, Europe features professional teams from England, Wales, France and Canada.

Super League Challenge Cup Championship League 1

Australasian Club Teams

Dominated by the NRL and the State of Origin, the Southern Hemisphere features professional teams from Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

NRL State of Origin

International Teams

The international game is the pinnacle of the sport. We preview all major international matches including those from the following tournaments and events.

World Club Challenge ANZAC Day Test 4 Nations World Cup All International

Rugby League Clubs are the lifeblood of the sport. It is the clubs that bring fans into the game and develop talent from the junior teams through to professional and hopefully onto internationals.

Rugby League is a team sport and the team represent the town or city that thy represent. We are so lucky in Rugby League that unlike in so many other sports, the majority of a team support still comes from the very community they represent.

This allows the teams and their fans to still have a strong bond and connection even in these times of ultra-professionalism and the increasing commercialisation of the sport.

From a Rugby League betting prospective that can create problems as betting with your hart is always dangerous compared to betting with your head and with the heart always over ruling the head when it comes to the club you support, we always recommend not betting on your own team and keeping a natural prospective by betting on others teams.