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Rugby League Scores

Rugby League Scores
With Rugby League matches happening right across England, Wales, France, Australia, New Zealand and even Canada it can be difficult to find the latest Rugby League scores but here at we have you covered.

Our live Rugby League score service brings you the latest score updates for all Super League, Championship, League 1, NRL and International Rugby League matches as well as one of events such as the World Club Challenge and the State of Origin Series.

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Live Rugby League Scores

Here are the latest live Rugby League scores, remember matches only appear as and when they are in-play and there is a few seconds delay on reporting!

Live Rugby League Scores

Rugby League Live Scores

No matter if you are a support wanting to know the latest score from a game featuring your favourite team or if you are wanting to know the score of one of your teams rivals, here at RLBet we bring you the latest scores for all major Rugby League competitions via our Rugby League live score partners.

Of course from our point of view as a Rugby League Betting Portal, the biggest help from knowing the latest scores and been up to date with how a game is going is if you are interested in betting live in-play or if you have bet on a pre-match market and you want to know how likely your bet is going to pay out.

Live Rugby League Scores

Firstly, knowing the latest score and following along allows you to know the ebb and flow of a game and that can be great for when you are looking to bet in-play on markets such as the next team to score.

If you look at the score and a team is well ahead, you may simply think that they are going to run away with things and that they are going to be next to score but if you have been following along, you may see that the team that are losing are actually making a comeback and despite been behind on the score line, they are the more likely to score next.

This is actually another area where been registered to a top online bookmaker can help as the ones that we feature on this page all offer lots of stats and further information on the matches from top competitions including the Super League, the NRL (National Rugby League / Telstra Premiership), International Rugby League matches including the Rugby League World Cup (RWLC), the Challenge Cup and State of Origin matches.

Know The Latest Rugby League Scores Live

If you are wanting more than the score, simply register or log in to one of those great bookies.

The second use of knowing the live scores of rugby league matches for punters is if you have placed a bet on a team to win a game. Of course a simply win loss is easy to follow and if a team goes 30 points up, for example, there is every chance of you picking up a pay-out but if you have bet on the handicap market and the over/under is tight, then following the score live is hugely important and can be a great form of entertainment in its own right.

British Rugby League Scores Live

Part of been a fan is keeping up with the latest rugby league scores but it can be difficult, especially when you are on the move but you can now view all of the latest rugby league scores right here on your mobile, tablet, pc or apple device. Basically, if you can connect to the internet and the web, you can get Super League, NRL, Championship, League 1 and International Rugby League scores right here.

Australian Rugby League Scores

If you are a fan of lower grade rugby from Australia we also bring you the latest scores from the Queensland Cup and the Intrust Super Cup as well as the latest scores from the NRL under 20’s matches.

International Rugby League Scores

As you would expect, when it is international season we also bring you the latest scores from all of the major matches including the Anzac Day Test, the 4 Nations, the Rugby League World Cup and the latest scores from Test Series featuring all of the main International Test sides.

No matter what competition the team you are interested in the score for are playing in, following the score can never replicate the excitement of being at the game in person or even watching the match live on television but it can be difficult for many to get to games and sadly only a handful of matches can be watched live on tv.

IF you cannot follow along on radio, the next best thing is to follow the scores and whilst we offer a just the basic scores right here at RLBet, if you register with the great bookies listed on this page you can get a much more in-depth score update for a whole host of matches including all of the latest up to the minute stats and that does add an extra element to the games.

Interactive and Immersive

If you are following along on tv, why not load up the stats and get a more immersive experienced when watching the NRL or Super League and whilst you do need to register, it is free to follow the stats.

With so many competitions been held across the globe it can be difficult to keep up to date with all of the latest scores from Rugby League matches but here at RLBet, and thanks to our great partners we bring you the latest scores for all of the top leagues and competitions from across the globe.

Choose Your Competition

If you are after a specific competition, such as the Super League, RFL Championship, League 1, NRL (National Rugby League / Telstra Premiership), State of Origin, Elite 1, Test Matches and/or Rugby League World Cup (RLWC) matches, then we recommended registering with one of the rat bookies on this site who will bring you the live scores.

Rugby League Livescore

No matter if you are wanting to follow the latest score for Warrington, Wigan or Leeds in the UK or Souths, Brisbane, or Melbourne in the NRL or of course top level internationals from across the globe including the latest scores of England RL, the Australian Kangaroos or the New Zealand Kiwis.

Live sport is one of the most exciting and unpredictable forms of entertainment in the world and in our opinion, the 13 man code of rugby is the leading sport for both of those things.

With that in mind it is always best to be at a stadium in person to watch the try-mendous action live in person, but that isn’t always possible so the second best option is to watch alone live.

Keep Up To Date

Unfortunately, outside of the NRL in Australia and New Zealand, only a handful of matches are shown live on television over here in the United Kingdom and whilst there is a growing amount of matches from across the UK, Europe and beyond been streamed live on the internet, fans still more often than not miss out on watching the action that they want to watch.

That leaves supporters having to follow along with the action via internet radio services or by RL live score websites, including this one.

If that is the situation that you find yourself in where you are looking for the latest scores of Rugby League matches that are happening live or the score of a recently finished match up, the great news is that you can view all of the latest scores on this very page.

View Latest RL Scores

It can be a hugely frustrating experience for fans to find latest rugby scores on mainstream or traditional sports websites as so many have little to no interest in the 13 aside version of the code or they simply do not understand that there are 2 completely different types of rugby, with different fanbases and that often leaves the sport that we love and follow been missed out.

Here at RLBet, we are passionate about the sport of Rugby League so we don’t make these same mistakes and we don’t overlook League, in fact we bring you only Rugby League.

Scores are provided by

RL Scores

The sport of Rugby League has seen lots of changes over the last couple of decades or so and a lot of those changes has been focussed on expansion and establishing new competitions in new territories.

That, when couples with a lack of focus from main stream media outlets has left it difficult for fans to keep up to date withal of the latest RL Scores but thankfully there is now an easy way to do just that and that is via our RL Scores partners found on this very page.

See the latest RL Scores from across the globe including the latest Super League scores, NRL scores, State of Origin scores, RFL Championships scores, League 1 scores and many many more competitions.

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