NRL Odds

NRL Odds
The NRL is the world’s leading rugby competition and features many of the sport’s biggest stars.

NRL matches are full of exciting big hits, great skill and speed of both players and plays of the ball which all leads to exciting entertainment that cannot be matched.

NRL Rugby Odds

Are you looking for the latest NRL Odds? You’re in the right place. Here at we bring you the latest odds on each NRL Rugby League match as well as previews or all of the action.

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One of the best attributes of the NRL is the high number of quality players in the league and thanks to its salary cap and the relatively even distribution of money compared to other sports, the vast majority of NRL games are close and for this reason we always recommend betting on the handicap market.

This is basically where a bookmaker gives a team a points head start of deficit, shown as either + or – below.

The quality the NRL coupled with so many English stars heading over to Australia to play there rugby has led to a huge surge in popularity of the NRL throughout the UK and in Europe, which has of course lead to a larger number of sports fans, betters and of course rugby league fans search for the very best NRL odds. Well look no further because here at, we show odds on all of the NRL matches.

The NRL, National Rugby League, is not only the leading Rugby League competition but it is, in our opinion and many others, the leading Rugby competition of either code.

Whilst there are many reasons why this is the case, from the fact that each team is full of international from across the Rugby playing world to the fact matches played in front of huge crowds and from every match been shown live on TV around the world to sheer quality of matches played out each and every round.

All of those points certainly show why the NRL is so fondly thought of but in our opinion the reasons why it is the best competition in Rugby is just how close the majority of matches are. Whilst blow out scores do happen from time the time the majority of matches are close with many only having a score in them and there are plenty of matches that go into extra time after ending a draw.

That closeness makes betting on NRL matches both a tricky and exciting prospect as a shock is never far away. It also makes getting the best odds possible that bit more important as the margin for error is so tight, when you do win you really need to maximise your return.

With that in mind we bring you the best odds on NRL matches from a number of leading online bookmakers but please bear in mind that odds are constantly changing so when you see the best odds, you need to be ready to accept them straight away and to do that you need have accounts at as many bookmakers as possible. Whilst this can seem like a daunting prospect thanks to the sheer number of bookies out there, the good news is that we bring a list of the very best bookies for betting on Rugby League.

Top 10 NRL Bookmakers

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NRL Betting Odds

No matter if you are looking for the NRL odds for round X, Y or Z or the latest NRL odds for today matches or even the odds for the NRL Grand Final, we here at RLBet will bring you the latest NRL odds via our betting partners.

Despite been arguably the biggest domestic rugby competition in the world and having a great mix of iconic teams, massive crowds, and superstar players, the NRL often goes overlooked over here in the United Kingdom and that is certainly the case at many bookmakers.

Here at RLBet we not only bring you the latest odds on NRL matches but we also bring you the best online bookmakers for betting on the National Rugby League.

No matter if you are wanting to know the latest odds to see if there is enough value to place a bet or you want to know if the bookies are predicting a similar outcome to what you are expecting or if you are simply curious, it has never been easier to see the latest odds as we bring them to you above.

Do not forget that odds are consistently changing, so in the time that you see the odds on this page and then go to an online bookmakers, register or login and then go to the odds, the chances are that they will have changed.

That is especially true in the run up to a game with the odds changing on a match day with every bit of news that comes out.

If a player turns up at a ground and has a late fitness test, the odds will likely change. If a players turns up limping, the odds will likely change.

If a team gets delayed on their way to the game, the odds will likely change, if a player has to go into the ‘sheds’ to bet taped up, the odds will likely change etc etc etc.

To combat that issue and to make sure that you get the odds you want, we always recommend registering in advance with all of the great bookies featured on this page so that when you are ready to bet, you can take instant action and get the odds you see.

We also preview and predict each and every match from the NRL, from the opening round of matches through to the NRL Finals (play-offs) and of course the NRL Grand Final to make RLBet you go to website for anybody with an interest in betting on the NRL from Australia and New Zealand.

Bet on the NRL via RLBet and our choice of top NRL bookies.