Rugby League Predictions

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Rugby League Match Predictions
Here at we take our years of following the great sport of Rugby League and the knowledge we have built up and couple it with studying form, watching as many matches as possible and keeping up with all the latest news to bring you our match day previews.

With that said we know that our previews maybe great for fans and betters alike but sometimes all you want to know is a prediction for a match and that is exactly what we bring you.

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If you don’t want the full match preview and simply want to know who we think will win or just see if we agree or disagree with your prediction, simply follow the links below. We predict all Super League and NRL matches as well as the majority of Challenge Cup and International matches/tournaments.

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Super League Play-Offs Predictions 2019

Who will win in the Super League round play offs 2019? Our Super League play offs predictions 2019 including match previews

Here at our predictions are aimed at those looking to be on Rugby League matches, from the Super League to the NRL and from the Challenge Cup to International Test Matches but the years we have found that fans who aren’t betting on the action also like to check out our predictions.

Our in-depth match previews give you all of the information you need ahead of the all of the sports big matches but sometimes you just want to see another person’s thought on how well a team will do and that is where our predictions are perfect.

We simply bring you who we think will win a match and by how points they will win. Of course, if you do want more information or would like to see how we came to the conclusion we did, we also include a link to all of our match previews alongside our predictions.

Rugby League Match Predictions

Super League Predictions

Super League Predictions
Here at we preview and predict each and every Super League rugby match from the first match of round 1 right thru until the Grand Final at Old Trafford.

Super League Predictions
NRL Predictions
NRL Predictions
Here at we preview and predict each and every televised NRL match and just like our Super League predictions, that includes every match from the first game of the regular season, right thru to all of the finals matches and the Grand Final itself.

NRL Predictions

Rugby Predictions

Our match previews and predictions give you all of the information you need for upcoming Super League, Challenge Cup, International and NRL matches including squad news, form guide, our thoughts on where the game will be one and lost and then from a prediction point of view we not only give you our prediction on who will win the game but also out prediction on what the points difference will be.

Whilst we will never claim to be an oracle of Rugby League knowledge and we will never give you guarantees that our predictions will be correct, what we do bring is a well rounded preview and a well though out prediction. We give you are full reasoning behind our thoughts and behind our match prediction for all of the Rugby League games we cover here at RLBet.

One thing we can guarantee is that we will never add our own club or country bias and allegiance to our predictions as whilst we are patriotic and do follow club sides ourselves, first and foremost we are Rugby League fans and want what is best for the sport overall.