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England Rugby League

England RL
Country Name: England
Team Name: Lions
Nicknames: Wall of White, 3 Lions
Colours: White and Red
Inaugurated: 1904
First WC Appearance: 1975
No. Of RLWC Titles: 0
Governing Body: The Rugby Football League (RFL)
Region: Europe

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Formerly the main component of the Great Britain Rugby League team, England have now fully branched out on their own and are 1 of the 3 powerhouses of world Rugby League.

Although Great Britain have won the World Cup 3 times, as England the Lions have never managed to win the title they have been runners up twice) and as hosts in 2013, England will be one of the favourites to pick up the title.

The England team is made up of players from both the Super League and the NRL which gives them one of the strongest squads in Rugby League.

England RL

The England Rugby League team is made up of the very best from the European Super League and the National Rugby League NRL) and are the second most successful team in the World.

Although England, enjoy rivalries with most other European nations it is with Rugby League most illustrious team Australia in which they enjoy there biggest, with matches between the 2 always guaranteeing huge crowds and great games.

Since the breakup of the Great Britain team it has been the ‘Lions’ that have seen the most success in the British Isles making it to the final of the recent 4 nations competition and winning the inaugural European Tri-nations with wins over Wales and France.

As hosts of the 2013 Rugby League World Cup, the Lions are amongst the favourites for the cup and will be hoping that the large home crowds can make the difference.

The England team is made up of players from both the Super League and the NRL which gives them one of the strongest squads in Rugby League but it also makes for a fascinating mixture of styles as many of the players are coached to play the ‘NRL Way’ and many are coached to play the ‘Super League Way’.

That can prove to be both a blessing and a curse for the England RL National Test side as when on form the 2 styles the NRL safety first against the Super League’s speculative style) can mix to create a style of its own that the defences of other teams are just not used to defending and the attacks of other teams are just not used to attacking. Of course, when it doesn’t quite click it can lead to errors and that always proves costly at this very highest level of sport.

In recent years England have enjoyed huge up lifts in crowds with London enjoying huge crowd at Wembley and the former Olympic Stadium for England matches against New Zealand and Australia whilst up in the heartlands, England have enjoyed sell out matches on numerous occasion.

England now offer fans the opportunity to watch top class action and some of the most impressive sports stars in the world combine with the intrigue of welcoming players back from the NRL who many may not have seen since their last performance for England.

Along with the 100,000’s watching England matches live in International Test Series, 4 Nations and Rugby League Cup competitions, millions also watch and follow the action live at home.

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English National Rugby League Team

England have been one of the top international Rugby League playing nations since playing in the first ever Rugby League test match but in many way they have under-performed on the biggest stage of them all but signs of improvement have been there for all to see and there is now a big strength in depth across all positions to add to the stand out quality of the countries biggest stars.

Colours and Kit

As you would expect from an English representative side, the main colours of the English national Rugby League are white and red and whilst the design of the kit changes from one big tournament to the next, it tends to be predominately white with touches or red whilst an alternative kit tends to be the opposite, i.e. predominately red with touches of white.


As a stand alone country away from the guide of Great Britain, England have actually not enjoyed as much success as you would expect from one of the biggest and best countries in the world.

England entered the 1975 RLWC and ever World Cup since 1995 but they are yet to win the tournament despite reaching the final in 75, 95 and 2017.

They have a similar record in the 4 Nations where a runner sup position in both 2009 and 2011 was the best return.

They have enjoyed more success in regional competitions including in the European Championship which started by winning the first edition in 1935.

After that, England have gone on to be the most successful nation in that competition including multiple win the 1940’s, a win in the 1950’s, multiple wins in the 1970’s as well as wins in the 1990’s and 2000’s.

England have also won minor titles including the Federation Shield and the Baskerville Shield.

Notable Players

As you would expect from one of the biggest countries in the world, England have featured many of the world greatest rugby players down the years.

Amongst the stars of the sport in the pre-Super League era are Eric Ashton, Billy Batten, Charlie Carr, Douglas Clark, William Dingsdale, Joe Egan, Alf Ellaby, George Fairbairn, Keith Fielding, Neil Fox, Ken Gee, Ellery Hanley, Martin Hodgson, Jimmy Ledgard, Roger Millward, Alex Murphy, Jonty Parkin, Gus Risan, Jim Sullivan, Harold Wagstaff and Ernest Ward.

Those stars to have played in the post-Super league era are Andy Farrell, Jason Robinson, Jamie Peacock, Kevin Sinfield, Sam Tomkins, Ryan Hall, Sam burgess, Martin Offiah, Gareth Widdop, Rob Burrow, James Graham, James Roby, Sean O’Loughlan and Adrian Morley.


England made their debut as a Rugby League, then Northern union, team 9 years after the split from the RFU when they faced an ‘Other Nationalities’ team consisting of mostly Welsh players as well as a couple of Scottish players.

That concept continued for a few years but with the growth of the sport in Australia and New Zealand, England began facing their southern-hemisphere rivals instead starting with a game against Australia in 1908.

England remained a force in the sport for the nest couple of decades but the decision was made for all of the home nations to come together under the umbrella of the Great British team.

Aside from a couple of one off returns to the England brand, it took until the 1975 World Cup for England to make their returned to the world stage when the RLIF wanted to capitalise on the growth of Welsh players by creating a separate English and Welsh national teams.

Things sadly reverted back to the combined Great Britain set up once more and it was not until 1995 when the home countries separated once more and this time for good.

In the 1995 edition, England made it through to the final of the World Cup that they hosted but they came up short against the Australian Kangaroos in front of a huge crowd at Wembley Stadium.

England have played at every World Cu since then and have enjoyed some success with semi-final finishes at the 2000, 2008 and 2013 editions before they made it through to the final once again in 2017, but once more they came up just short against Australia.

Whenever England play an international test match or in an international tournament, there is a wide range of betting markets for the action from the majority of bookmakers, including those ones featured on this page and of course there is lots of excitement across here in the UK whenever they take to the field.

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