Australia Kangaroos
Nicknames: Kangaroos
First WC Appearance: 1954
No. Of WC Titles: 10

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Australia Kangaroos

Australia maybe historically the kings of International Rugby League but in recent times both New Zealand and England have started to close the gap in recent years which has led to some great games between the 3 international power houses.

The Kangaroos are still the team to beat and feature many of the world’s most iconic International Rugby League superstars.

Australia Rugby League

The Australian authorities have always made the decision that only players playing in the NRL the Australasian version of the Super League) can be selected for Australia duty, which gives an element of mystique to any Australian team that heads over to Europe.

With so many of the Australian players playing together at both club and State of Origin level, when it comes to the step up to the International stage, the Australian often have the unity and teamwork from the off which makes them a dangerous team for anyone.

Playing in the famous green and gold, matches between England and the Aussies are always great games and continue the rivalry that is enjoyed between the 2 nations at many sporting events such as cricket.

Australia are still the team to beat and feature many of the world’s most iconic International Rugby League superstars.

There is always something special about watching the Australian Kangaroos, as the Australian National Rugby League team are known as, simply because for the majority of the history of Rugby League, the Kangaroos have been the team to beat.

In many sports a country can stay ahead of the game by simply maintaining their standards and letting others fall away but in Rugby League the Australians have stayed the leader nations by constantly evolving and improving. There have been challengers to their crown over the years with the New Zealand Kiwi’s been the last team to overtake them as the leading Rugby League Nation but whenever a country gets near to them, that simply awakens their drive to be number.

That leads to the Kangaroos improving and taking the game to another level which always makes the kangaroos a team to watch and for supporters of all other nations, the country to beat.