Anzac Day Test

Anzac Day Test
The Anzac test is an annual game between Australia and New Zealand, 2 of Rugby League most powerful nations, that has been played annually since its inauguration in 1997.

The test match is played on or around Anzac Day 25 April and the winners are awarded the Bill Kelly Memorial Trophy.

Anzac Day Test

The game was first introduced by the Super League during the Super League wars which was highly criticised at the time and lead to the gam not becoming a constant between the 2 nations until 2004.

Australia can boast the most wins in Anzac games but the New Zealand team have the players to bat any team.

Here are our choice of bookies for betting on the Anzac Day test match between the Australia Kangaroos and New Zealand Kiwis.

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Matches between Australia and New Zealand are always explosive affairs and really do highlight the very best of Rugby League which makes them a must watch for any Rugby League fan but it also makes them amongst the hardest matches to predict.

Who can forget the 2008 World Cup final? Whilst the Anzac Day Test may not have the same importance as a World Cup Final, you would be hard pressed to tell by the action on the field.

As you would expect from a test match that has developed for over 2 decades between 2 countries that have a rivalry in every sport they play against each other in, when it comes to the dominant code, the rivalry is massive and the importance of the win for both is huge.

With over 2 decades of matches to build that rivalry on in the ANZAY Test, it is no surprise that the game has developed in prestige and there have already been many standout moments, highlights, and lowlights across those years of matches.

The inaugural match took place in 1997 when Australia defeated the New Zealand Kiwis by 34 points to 22 in a match held at the Sydney Football Stadium with a crowd over almost 24,000 in attendance.

The following year saw the first ANZAC Day Test take place across the Tasman Sea in New Zealand with the North Harbour Stadium in Auckland hosting over 25,000 fans to witness the Kiwis win their first ANZAC Day Test match as they defeat Australia 22-16.

The following year saw the first 30,000+ crowd for the match as Australia regained their trophy at Stadium Australia.

In 2000, the New Zealand Kiwis were the first team to be kept scoreless as Australia thrashed the Kiwis 52-0 in Sydney.

2005 saw the first ever 40,000+ crowd as the match moved to the iconic Suncorp Stadium in Queensland, with the following years match seeing a crowd of over 44,000, which is a still a record to this very day.

Australia won both of those matches as part of a winning run of 13 straight wins.

That win including the 2012 Test Match where the Kangaroos became the first country to win on away soil as they defeated the Kiwis 12-20 at Eden Park in Auckland in front of over 35,000+ fans.

The Kangaroos long winning run came to an end in the 2015 Test, when the Kiwis defeated them by 26-12 at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane.

In 2016, they answered the only way a champion team such as the Kangaroos can as they defeated the Kiwis 16-0 in Newcastle.

The Kiwis won the next Test by the narrowest of gaps in the competition’s history by defeating the Kangaroos by just 2 points at Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland.

Since the 2015 season, there has also been a Women Test Match held alongside the men’s ANZAC match.

Once again, Australia has been the dominant force in the female version by winning 3 of the first 4 matches including the inaugural event.

New Zealand won the 2nd ANZAC Test between he nations and in the 2018 edition, the first one held across the Tasman in New Zealand, It was the Kiwi Ferns that ran out winner by just 2 point sin one of the most exciting ANZAC Day Test matches in the history of the event at Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland.

As a regular test match, held annually between 2 of the giants of the Rugby world, it is no surprise that the ANZAC Day test match has a huge following across the globe and especially over here in the United Kingdom.

With most matches available to watch live on television and with so many NRL fans based over here wanting to watch the best of the best meet head to head, it is no surprise that there is also lots of interest in betting on the action.

The good news is that as such a big game, the matches tend to be well covered by the best bookies with all of the rugby league bookies on this page offering odds and coupons on a wide range of ANZAC Test match betting markets.

To Win – This is where you simply win on the country you believe will win the match. This can often come with a 2-way or 3-way option which h is where the result includes or does not include a draw.

Handicap– This is where a bookies gives points to the team they think will lose the game or takes away points from the team you think will win.

You then bet on who you think will when that ‘handicap’ is added/removed.

Winning Margin– This is where you bet on the team to win and how many they will win by.

First Tryscorer– This is where you bet on the player you believe will score the first try of the game.

First Half / Full Time This is where you bet on the team you think will be winning at half time and the team you think will win at full time.

If you are wanting to bet on the ANZAC Day Test Match between the Australian Kangaroos and the New Zealand Kiwis, why not give one of these great online bookmakers a try.

All of the bookies below offer a great range of Rugby League betting markets, with most offering lots of options for international Rugby League test matches including the ANAC Day test.

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