Anzac Day Test

Anzac Day Test
The Anzac test is an annual game between Australia and New Zealand, 2 of Rugby League most powerful nations.

The test match is played on or around Anzac Day 25 April) and the winners are awarded the Bill Kelly Memorial Trophy.

Anzac Day Test

The game was first introduced by the Super League during the Super League wars which was highly criticised at the time and lead to the gam not becoming a constant between the 2 nations until 2004.

Australia can boast the most wins in Anzac games but the New Zealand team have the players to bat any team.

Here are the latest match odds for the Anzac Day test match between Australia and New Zealand

Matches between Australia and New Zealand are always explosive affairs and really do highlight the very best of Rugby League which makes them a must watch for any Rugby League fan but it also makes them amongst the hardest matches to predict.

Who can forget the 2008 World Cup final? Whilst the Anzac Day Test may not have the same importance as a World Cup Final, you would be hard pressed to tell by the action on the field.