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Rugby League Cups

There is always something special about a knock out cup competition no matter what the sport is but it is especially true in a sport such as Rugby League where competition feature teams operating under a salary cap and so they are, on appear at least, evenly matched and league competitions have a second phase to then, with regards to play offs.

That makes the cup competitions stand out and add an extra element to the sport and therefore it is no surprise that they are also such a popular competition for those wanting to bet on the action.

The great new sis that the majority of top online bookmakers, such as the ones featured on this page, bring you a range of markets and coupons for all of the top Rugby League cup competitions, especially the Rugby League Challenge Cup, the most historic and prestigious knock out cup competition in world rugby.

If you are wanting to place a bet on any Rugby League cup competition or any knock out cup match, why not try one of these great online bookmakers, all of whom offers a great range of Rugby League betting opportunities.

Rugby League Bookies
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Rugby League Cup Competitions

As well as cup matches, bookies offer a range of odds on the cup competitions that rugby league teams contest.

Choose from:

Challenge Cup
World Club Challenge
1895 Cup
World Cup (RLWC)

Bet On Rugby League Cup Competitions

From our point of view as a Rugby League Betting Portal, one of the greatest aspects of a cup competition is that there is more often than not great value to be found in betting on the action and from a Rugby League fan point of view, there is always great action to be enjoyed.

Whilst it varies from one competition to the next, cup competitions tend to develop as they progress with the early rounds been a great chance for lower ranked teams to face off against bigger teams and to maybe pull off a huge shock and create their own bit of history.

From amateur teams meeting semi-professional teams and from semi-pro teams meeting Super League sides in the Challenge Cup to League 1 minnows meeting former giants at the top end of the Championship in the 1895 and of course minnows getting there chance to take on the big 4 at the Rugby League World Cup- cup competitions offer the chance for history to be made and for outside bets to pull off huge shocks and give big returns.

If you know of a team likely to pick a weekend team or who have a number of injuries or suspensions going into a lower ranked team, placing a bet on a cup competition is a great way to back a big shock and to get relatively large odds for what is normally a 2 way bet.

In what is a salary cap sport at club level and a sport that usually sees international teams of a similar standard play against each other outside of World Cups, the opportunities for he shocks are usually restricted to cup competitions.

A salary cap means that the majority of teams in the same competition are of a relatively even standard and whilst one team may be in much better form than another, on paper they have all that they need to be able to win the game.

The cup competitions are of course different especially when you get a low ranked team making their way through the competition such as Toulouse, in their Elite 1 days, making it throughout to the Challenge Cup semi-finals, the United States national team making it through to the quarter finals and facing Australia and a host of League 1 teams meeting Super League clubs in the cup.

Cup matches also offers the opportunities to try new betting markets and coupons as whilst you still have many of the same markets to bet on when compared to league competitions, such as outright markets, there are a number of betting opportunities that are popular for both forms of competition and many that are more suited to cup comps.


Some of the more popular betting markets, outrights and coupons for cup competitions include:

To Win Outright– No matter if it is the RLWC, the Challenge Cup, the WCC or any other cup competition before the event starts or during the early rounds, there is good value to be found in betting on the team that you believe will win the tournament outright. There is also often the chance to bet each way and cover yourself for a shock loss in the final.

Top Tryscorer– This is simply were you bet on the player you think will score the most try’s in the competition as a whole.

To Progress– No matter if it is picking the countries to get through the group stage of the Rugby League World Cup or the team to progress to the next round of the cup, pick the teams you expect to see in the next round of any cup competition.

Reach Final– IF you are sure of a club or country doing well in a cup competition but you know that in a sport such as Rugby League, there is always enough unpredictability to never be fully sure of the outcome of a game, you can give yourself some flexibility by choosing a team to make it through to the final and so even if you think a team will win the comp, if they suffer a shock loss, you still get paid!

To place a bet on any cup competition, why not try one of these great bookies, who all offer a wide variety of betting markets for a number of top Rugby League cup competitions.

Rugby League Bookies

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