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Up until relatively recently the only Rugby League competitions that mattered to fans in the UK were domestic league and cup competitions, then in the 1990’s International tournaments started to gain a foothold on the league fans psyche and now there is a large following for competitions across the globe with the NRL’s popularity rising year on year.

Thanks, in part to the hugely successful RLWC 2013 the international game has really developed and there are now tournaments held across the globe. This has also fuelled domestic competitions starting up in what would have been simply unthinkable locations just a decade or so ago.

From our point of view that has opened literally a whole new world of betting possibilities but as huge fans of the sport it also means that you can follow great action from around the world almost all year around.

Here at we bring you all of the information you need to follow the most popular Rugby League competitions. We preview and predict every Super League and NRL match as well as many Challenge Cup and International matches.

The UK is blessed to have one of the strongest domestic rugby scenes in the world with a thriving Super League and the iconic Challenge Cup leading the way.

Here at we preview and predict every Super League match and many from the Challenge Cup.

Many matches from the Super League can be watched live online and if they are, we show you how you can watch live.

Super League Challenge Cup Championship League 1
Here at we preview and predict every NRL match and bring you details on how to watch matches live online via our NRL live streaming partners.

We also preview every match from the State of Origin Series.

NRL State of Origin

International Rugby League is the pinnacle of the sport from one of Test Matches to big tournaments such as the 4 Nations. Then of course there is the Rugby League World Cup, which features of the best Rugby League players in the World in a true spectacle of sport.

Here at we preview and predict many International Rugby League including every match featuring England, Australia and New Zealand and of course the Rugby League World Cup (RLWC).

World Club Challenge Anzac Day Test 4 Nations World Cup All Internationals

Rugby League Events

Our passion here at RLBet is Rugby League and whilst we all have our favourite teams, we are Rugby League fans first and foremost so we try to cover as many competitions as we can, although time and markets available on bookies often hinder us!

We preview and predict each and every match from the Super League over here in the Northern Hemisphere and the NRL (National Rugby League/ Telstra Premiership) in the Southern Hemisphere.

Fans of rugby from Australia will also be glad to know that we also preview and predict every State of Origin match up (SOO Series) between the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons.

We also preview and predict the biggest matches from the Challenge Cup, including all of those featuring Super League and Championship teams and we preview and predict top matches from the Championship.

Once a year the best of the Super League takes on the best of the NRL in the World Club Challenge to be crowned the Club World Champions and for that match we preview the game, give you our prediction and also tell you where and how to watch the match live.

For International Rugby League fans, we also preview and predict all major matches including test matches featuring the big 4 as well as each and every England match and every match from the Rugby League World Cup.

With more and more tournaments and events starting up around the globe, we are constantly following more and more rugby and we try to bring you more and more information about those new tournaments, so if we do not currently feature the event you are interested in, we more than likely will do soon.

Unfortunately, we are often limited by what events and competitions are covered by online bookmakers as whilst we would love to bring you previews and predictions for every Rugby League match going, only a limited number of competitions and events are covered by bookies.

As a betting portal, our focus need to be on the tournaments that are featured on online bookmakers and these tend to be the biggest events and competitions in world rugby league and matches between mostly professional teams and countries.

That makes it difficult for us to cover many Championship games, most League 1 games and matches from other league competitions including Euro XIII, the Baltic League and Elite 1 as well as league competitions from New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Thankfully, all of those divisions are continuing to grow and develop and we are sure that their will be more focus on them going forward and that the top bookies will start to bring a range of betting markets for them.

If you are a rugby league fan, we are sure that you will have your own favourites tournament, competition or event from across the globe and hopefully we it but if not, let us know and we will try our best to bring you our thoughts on the action in our match preview and predictions.