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Hello and welcome to our Rugby League Blog, right here at the Rugby League Betting Portal.

Rugby League Blog
The Rugby League Blog here at RLBet is our place to share our thoughts and views on the different aspects of Rugby League. The main focus of our blog is on the British game but we also have a keen interest in the NRL and the International game.

From time to time we also dip into other areas of the sport and sometimes it is just a case of discussing an idea with you, the readers of RLBet.

Discussion is the key word there when it comes to the blog section of RLBet, we would love to hear your views on what we write about as well as your views of the good, bad and indifferent of Rugby League.

Latest Rugby League Blog Posts

There is always something to talk about when it comes to Rugby League but we don’t always have the time discuss it!

Here are the latest blog posts from our Rugby League Blog but remember we do preview every Super League and NRL match as well as many from the Challenge Cup, Rugby League Internationals, Championship and more.

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The majority of the content you will read on RLBet is factual and informative with any opinion limited to one topic and pertinent points. Our blog section is different.

The RLBet Rugby League Blog is different. This the section of the website where we can relax, kick back and simply share our thoughts on any and every aspect of rugby league with likeminded rugby league fans. It a chance for us to simply write what is on our mind, from ideas on improvements for the sport to our thoughts on major issues and from light hearted moments we spotted to a discussion on break news.

There is so much happening in the world of Rugby League that sometimes we simply want to sit down, write our views and ask you for your thoughts with no need to put in the hours of research that the majority of the content on RLBet needs before we can publish it.

Think of our blog as a Monday morning chat around a cup of coffee with friends. A chance to shoot the breeze about Rugby League, the sport we all love.

Some of the blog posts we write you will agree with, some you will be totally against and some you will wonder what the point of us writing it was! Whatever your opinion on our blog posts make sure you comment on them and let us know your thoughts, a discussion is no good if only one person gets to speak so we want to hear from you.

Some of our blog posts will be positive, some negative and some down the middle and that is what we expect your opinions will be as well, all that we ask is that you respect our views and other posters) and we will respect yours.