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Rugby League

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Rugby League
Here at we love Rugby League, from the Super League to the NRL and from Internationals to the Challenge Cup.

We preview each and every Super League, State of Origin and NRL match as well as many games from the Challenge Cup and Internationals to bring you the very latest team news, form guide and of course our views on the outcome of the match.

If you are new to betting on Rugby League, make sure you read our Rugby League Betting guide here

Latest Rugby League Betting Match Previews

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Here at, we preview each and every Super League and NRL match, the majority of Challenge Cup ties and all big International matches.

Our previews feature all the information you need to make the most of betting on Rugby League action including team news, form, 19 man squads and even our views and prediction on what the outcome of the match will be.

Here are the latest Rugby League Betting previews, if the match you are wanting to bet on doesn’t feature here, please visit our Match Preview Section Here

Super LeagueNRLChallenge CupInternationals

Super League

Teams Date Preview Prediction TV & Radio
Wigan Warriors v Hull FC 31/03/2022 View Preview Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) TV: Live on SkySports, Highlights
Radio: BBC
Huddersfield Giants v Catalans Dragons 01/04/2022 View Preview Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) TV: Highlights
Radio: BBC
Hull KR v Warrington Wolves 01/04/2022 View Preview Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) TV: Highlights
Radio: BBC
Castleford Tigers v Toulouse Olympique 01/04/2022 View Preview Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) TV: Highlights
Radio: BBC
Leeds Rhinos v St Helens 01/04/2022 View Preview Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) TV: Live on Sky Sports, Highlights
Radio: BBC
Wakefield Trinity v Salford Red Devils 03/04/2022 View Preview Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) TV: Highlights
Radio: BBC

Game Week Dates Previews Predictions TV
Round 1 Thursday 10th – Sunday 13th March 2022 Match Previews Match Predictions Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Sky Sports & Watch NRL App

Challenge Cup

Teams Date Preview Prediction TV
Challenge Cup Final Saturday 17th July 2021 Preview St Helens by 12 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV

Big Upcoming Matches

Teams Date Preview Prediction TV
England v Samoa 15/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Australia v Fiji 15/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Scotland v Italy 16/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Jamaica v Ireland 16/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
New Zealand v Lebanon 16/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
France v Greece 17/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Tonga v Papua New Guinea 18/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Wales v Cook Islands 19/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Australia v Scotland 22/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Fiji v Italy 22/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
England v France 22/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
New Zealand v Jamaica 22/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Lebanon v Ireland 23/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Samoa v Greece 23/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Tonga v Wales 24/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Papua New Guinea v Cook Islands 25/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
New Zealand v Ireland 28/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
England v Greece 29/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Fiji v Scotland 29/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Australia v Italy 29/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Lebanon v Jamaica 30/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Tonga v Cook Islands 30/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Samoa v France 30/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Papua New Guinea v Wales 31/10/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Group B Winner v Group C Runner Up 04/11/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Group A Winner v Group D Runner Up 05/11/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Group Winner v Group B Runner-Up 05/11/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Group D Winner v Group A Runner-Up 06/11/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Semi Final 1 11/11/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Semi Final 2 22/11/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV
Final 19/11/2022 Bet Now (18+ Only #ad) Live on BBC TV

If watching live action is your thing, we also show how you can watch each and every televised NRL and Super League match live, legally and safely, online.

We also bring you breaking news from the world of Rugby League, weekend reviews and check out our blog for our thoughts on the world of Rugby League!

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Rugby League Betting

Betting on Rugby League adds an extra element of excitement to the games and for seasoned betters, Rugby League offers a higher level of interesting betting compared to most other major sports.

Whilst all bookies worth using offer betting on Rugby League, some are much better than other so before placing a Rugby League bet, make sure you check out our reviews or simply pick one of our top ranked bookmakers.

Here are the top bookmakers for betting on Rugby League action including the NRL, Super League, Championship, Championship 1 and Rugby League Internationals.

Rugby League Bookies

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The unpredictability that creates the excitement on the pitch is often the worst nightmare for those betting on games but with Rugby League Betting there is no need to worry about this as the handicap system used gives more options to the betting punter.

Rugby League Odds

If you are wanting to bet live on the action or have a hunch before hand, you will need to know the odds. Here are the latest odds for the big matches coming up.

SL OddsNRL Odds

Rugby League Portal

The sport of Rugby League has seen huge changers over the past couple of decades. With some former giants of the game dropping done to the semi-pro ranks whilst other teams have come from nowhere.

Who would have thought at the start of Super League that the competition would have seen teams from London, France and Wales take on the best from the heartlands of the North and to have a team from Canada knocking on the door? Not many would be the answer but as the sport at club levels improves and the international game is now starting to take hold and gain momentum across the globe, it is no surprise to see the range of markets and the popularity of betting on Rugby League increase.

Rugby League Betting has improved vastly over the past few years with a wider range of markets than ever featuring on betting websites with most covering Super League, Championships), NRL, Internationals, World Club Challenge, World Cup, 4 Nations and some bookies even cover the lower divisions from Australia.

Super League Betting

Super League is the most widely supported league in the Northern Hemisphere so as you would expect the range of markets available for Super League Betting is more than most other markets with in-play betting on live Super League matches also readily available.

NRL Betting

The NRL is often referred to as the premier rugby competition in the world, of either code, and with many of the world’s best players, huge crowds and millions watching around the world it would be hard to dispute that.

The huge popularity of the NRL, even over here in Europe, mans that bookies are no offering more and more markets on all aspects of the NRL. The very best bookies even offer live streaming of NRL action.

Rugby League Live Streaming

If you are a Rugby League fan, or simply a sporting fan in general, you will know that there is nothing quite like watching Rugby League live and if standing on the terraces of your favourite club or watching Super League live on Sky Sports isn’t enough for you, then why not watch live Super League and NRL action online.

It is 100% safe and 100% legal to stream live NRL and Super League action online and with many of the world’s greatest rugby stars plying their trade in either Australia or New Zealand, the NRL is often thought as the best rugby competition in the world.

Watch Super League
Watch Live NRL

Placing a bet on Rugby League has become much simpler over the last decade or so. Instead of heading down to the local bookmaker’s shop, you simply visit your favourites bookies website from the comfort of your own house or via your mobile. The question now is which bookie is best for putting a bet on Rugby League, here at we review the best and the worst) bookmakers for betting on Super League, the NRL and all aspect of Rugby League.

Rugby Football League is an exciting, fast paced sport that lends it self to the dynamic world of online betting.

Rugby League Information and Facts

The sport is one full of history and with fans spread across the globe so it is no surprise that it has developed a number of nicknames, aside from simply been shortened to either ‘Rugby’ or ‘League’.

There is a distinct difference in the nicknames given to the sport in both the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere, especially in the sports heartland regions.

In the United Kingdom fans will know the sport of RL, Rugby, League or even as Super League due to the popularity and dominance of the top flight competition.

On the continent, the sport is often known as Rugby XIII or Rugby 13, due of course to it been the 13 player code.

Over in Oceania, the sport is the domain code of football so whereas Association football in Europe gets called football or footy, it is the 13 aside code of Rugby that goes by the name of football and especially footy.

In Australia and New Zealand, the name League is used predominantly to describe the sport and to differentiate it from the 15 man code whilst those in Australia will also call the sport as a whole, NRL due to the incredible popularity of the southern hemispheres top flight competition.

Rugby League Around The World
If you are a fan of the sport, you will know just how widespread it has become in the last decade or so, to the point where there are few places on earth where the sport isn’t played.

Whilst it is mostly on an amateur or semi-professional level in most places it is played, their have been huge strides forward across the Pacific Islands, across the Balkan Regions and also in Africa and North America to develop the sport and these are quickly becoming the new heartlands of the sport.

There are few places where the sport is the dominant sport with Papua New Guinea and the Cook Islands been the only countries in the world to have the sport as their National Sport and it is in PNG where great advances have been made with a semi-professional local league now headed by a full time professional team playing in a top Australian competition.

The most successful RL competition in the world, and the biggest, richest, and most supported rugby competition of either code, is the NRL (National Rugby League) in Australia that also features a team from New Zealand and attracts the best players from across the world.

The sport’s biggest playing pools and largest support bases are found in England, Australia, New Zealand, France, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Papua New Guinea, and Lebanon, whilst Wales also have professional teams and a growing strength in depth.

On the back of the extra profile from the Toronto Wolfpacks run in the English professional leagues, the sport has really started to develop in North America, with Canada leading the way but with lots of improvement in the United States.
Amongst the other countries to enjoy growth in the sport are Chile, Ghana, Philippines, Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, Thailand, Brazil and Nigeria.

In a sign of the infighting and self-preservation that has continued to hold back the sport throughout its entire history, Rugby League was established back in 1895 as a number of northern based rugby clubs decided to break away from the Rugby Football Union to form their own competition known originally as the Northern Rugby Football Union (NRFU) at an historic meeting held at the George Hotel in Huddersfield.

The main reason for this schism between the now rival codes was down, as it is always tends to be, to money with the northern based clubs wanting to turn professional and to pay their players.

The majority of the player sin the north came form working class backgrounds, often with jobs in the mills and mines found in the towns and cities the clubs are based in whilst southern clubs were based in richer areas and it was believed that those players could afford to play for the love of the sport.

All in all over 200 clubs left the established set up to join the breakaway competition, but the sport remained pretty much the same to start with.

Changes did quickly occur however as the 2 codes started to develop their own methods, structures, and styles to where we now have 2 completely different sports.

The first big change came in 1897 when the line-out was disregarded, whilst in 1898 professionalism was introduced with the top players now dedicated all of their time to the sport on a full time basis.

By 1906, the sport was now known as the Northern Union and in that year, the most iconic change to the sport was made as the change form 15 players to 13 players a side was made and instead of the boring ruck still employed in the other code, the play the ball restart after a tackle was established and the sport now started to be recognisable as Rugby League, the sport that we all now love.

Just a year later, a similar schism occurred on the other side of the world as many clubs, players and official across New Zealand and Australia saw the new sport and liked what they saw.

That led to the formation of the New South Wales Rugby Football League (NSWRFL) been formed at the Bateman’s Hotel in George Street, Sydney and from there the sport over took Rugby Union as the dominant code in the country and the domain sport across the key Eastern states of New South Wales and Queensland.

Although lots of tweaks, improvements and changes occurred over the next 40 years, the next major change and moment of history for the sport came in 1954, when a world record crowd for any rugby match of 102,569 watch the Challenge Cup final replay held at Odsal Stadium in Bradford, although it was thought that there were many more in attendance with lots of fans climbing fences to get in.

In that same year, the Rugby League World Cup, the first world cup of either come, was established, and played in France.

The next huge changes to the sport came in 1966 when teams were limited to 3 play of the balls before a scrum was given on the fourth tackle. That changed to 6 tackles in 1972 and in 1983, the scrum was changed to a handover in the same way the sport is played to this very day.

In 1967,the first ever professional match was played on a Sunday whilst sponsors first entered the sport for the 1971-72 season.

In the 1990’s the growing popularity of satellite television and the acceptance of fans to pay to watch sport on television led to the formation of a new top flight competition- the Rugby Super League.

In Europe, the sport moved from winter to summer and Paris St Germain became the first French team to play in a British competition whilst on the other side of the world, the 90’s was dominated by the Super League Wars.

This saw 2 rival competitions battle it out for dominance in the country but as tends to happen with that sort of thing, it hindered both competitions but thankfully common sense prevailed and a new competition was started with clubs from across the country coming together to form the NRL.

Over the past couple of decades the sport has focussed on developing new leagues and countries and to grow the playing pool from outside of the sports heartlands.

This has led to new full time professional teams in France (Catalans Dragons and Toulouse Olympique leading the way), in Papua New Guinea and in Canada whilst new semi-professional league are popping up across the globe.

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