Super League Magic Weekend

Magic Weekend
The Super League Magic Weekend is a festival of Rugby League, where all of the teams play over 2 days in the same venue.

This year, the event takes place at the St James Park in Newcastle.

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Magic Weekend 2017

Magic Weekend

The Magic Weekend has quickly grown from a fun day out to one of the must do event son the sporting calendar as Rugby fans and non-Rugby fans come together to watch great action from the Super League. There are not many sports where rival’s fans can sit side by side for a full day and the only danger you are in is been out song by the opposition fans!

With the sun usually) shining, fancy dress aplenty and a relaxed atmosphere around the ground, the day is fantastic for supporters or just lovers of sport but the magic Weekend is of course all about the action on the field and that rarely fails to live up to expectation as the players always give us a spectacle with many of the biggest talking points and moments to remember from a Super League season happening at the Magic Weekend.

If you are new to Rugby League, the Magic Weekend is the name given to the event that see’s each match from a round of Super League take place at same venue, over 2 days and with fans from all clubs sitting side by side watching the action live. It truly is a festival of sport and a great testament to the supporters of Rugby League that such an event can happen.

Whether it is the opportunity to play in some of the biggest and most iconic stadiums in the UK or the fact that players are playing in front of huge crowds, there is something, well, Magic about the matches.

If you can’t be there in person, and if you have never been you really should, the good news is that every match is shown live on Sky Sports with all of the highlights from the day shown on BBC TV as well.

With so much focus on the event it won’t be too surprising that the betting really hot’s up for the Magic Weekend as well and that is where we here at excel.

We preview each and every match from the Magic Weekend. In those previews, we bring you our thoughts on the game, the teams, a form guide and perhaps most importantly our prediction for who will win and by how many.

From its first weekend in Cardiff through a couple of years in Edinburgh and then on to Manchester and Newcastle, the magic Weekend has grown from humble beginnings into a major event and we are sure that that success will continue.