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There is nothing quite like International Rugby League for actions, excitement, intensity and of course rivalry.

With the International game spread around the world it can be difficult to find the game you want to watch on TV.

That is where the internet steps in!

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Watch Live International Rugby League Streaming Online

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European International Rugby League in the UK is now mostly found on BBC television but for those fans around the world who cannot get the BBC or for matches where there are no European teams involves (including matches such as Australia v New Zealand) you can watch by signing up to BET365 free of charge via there live streaming console.

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How To Watch For Free

Step 1: Click here to sign up to (it’s free) (If you already have an account go to step 2

Step 2: Click on “Live Streaming”, found at the top of the page, in the darker green area.

Step 3: Select “Rugby League” from the “Show All Events” drop down

Step 4: Click on the yellow text stating the fixture (on the right hand side) and the game will appear on the screen, enjoy!
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