England v France Sunday 11 November 2012

England v France
Autumn Internationals final, Sun 11 Nov, 16:50 GMT

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Although England where never in danger of losing last week against France in Hull there was enough shown by the French team to give hope that the final can at least be competitive.

In Thomas Bosc, The French have a good leader, organisor and kicker but in last week’s game he just couldn’t find space with his kicking which kept France on the back foot. If Bosc has a better kicking day the job for France will be so much easier.

The second major downfall for the French team was there knack off dropping the ball on the 4th/5th play of the ball. This lead to them not gaining any field position and not been able to get any repeat sets. Most seemed to be a lack of concentration rather than lack of skill, so again if France can overcome the problem the game should be so much closer.

England on the other hand looked good with the ball and where really throwing it about at times with skill and most importantly accuracy. The backup play, in the main, was excellent and these are all things that are needed to beat the big boys. At times the execution let the side down and that is something that they can work on during Sundays final.

For England it comes down to more of the same but for France improvements across the board are needed.

Our Prediction: England by 34

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